Club Kastalia

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We are organizing our Alanya Beach Camp in the beautiful all-Inclusive resort Club Kastalia  - a Beach Volley Ball sanctuary with over 25 courts, daily groomed by the staff, and weather conditions perfect for the game already in mid April. In addition to the Beach Volley courts the resort has tennis courts, decent gym, several pools for both adults and kids, water park and a modest spa with both Turkish and Finnish saunas for relaxation after a hard day of training and games. 


The environment with its lush greenery and sandy beaches completed by a pier perfect for swimmers and divers is perfect for gaining instant holiday feeling. Grab a refreshing drink from the beach bar, lay down on a deck chair and enjoy your life!

In terms of food we are in good hands in Club Kastalia. There is delicious and beautifully presented  food available almost 24/7 in the resort, which is vital for us Beach Volley players. There is also wide enough variety so that everyone from vegan to barbarian will have his/her nutritional needs satisfied.



Courts reserved by Jyrki Nurminen Beach Camp will be dedicated to our customers only (training sessions and/or accommodation via Jyrki Nurminen Beach Volley)

First week 15.-22.4. we will have capacity of 14 courts = circa 140 participants

Second week 22.4. => we will have capacity of 10 courts = circa 100 participants

Courts dedicated to Jyrki Nurminen Beach Camp will be marked by JNBC beach flags and court specific nameplate.


We will run training sessions mainly in the mornings but also in the late afternoons to enable remote work. The maximum training group size is 6 persons in order to ensure enough repetition and personal feedback for all participants. We have training groups for participants of all levels; From beginners to professionals.

Training sessions will cover all essentials of Beach Volley from techniques to tactics. Duration of one training session is 1h30min with a 15min break in between the consecutive trainings. This allows our coaches a little bit more time not only for personal break but also to talk a little bit more about theory, to give a little bit more feedback or to guide participants through an efficient warm up - all depending on the level and needs of the training group.  

In case there are free spots in the training groups during the camp, our participants can also buy additional training sessions at a slightly reduced price  during the the Beach Camp.


Beach Clinics

In the afternoons you will have the possibility to attend to our Beach Clinics - a concept that was launched in Alanya Beach Camp 2019. 

The idea of Beach Clinics is to select a specific, more narrowly defined Beach Volley technique or tactical issue and clearly focus on it. In terms of beach volley techniques Beach Clinics may cover e.g. hand set, tomahawk defence, pokey defence, dropping off the net, cut shots, floater, jump serves. In terms of tactical issus e.g. techniques for wind conditions, opponent analysis and modifying game tactics.

Duration of a Beach Clinic is 1h and the no of participants is flexible. The schedule & themes and the sign up for Beach Clinics will be published closer to the Beach Camp when we have the actual training schedule in place. 




Jyrki Nurminen is the head coach of the Beach Camp taking responsibility of the main guidelines of the training. In practice this means that Jyrki, together with other coaches, will plan the trainings; themes, techniques, drills. Each coach will then make necessary adaptations depending on the level of the training group and its individual participants

Depending on the number of participants, we will invite additional coaches, all of whom will be at least Finnish national level players. 

2019 our coach staff consisted of: Jussi Tommola (main coach of Jyrki & Santeri), Ida Sinisalo, Satu Aro, Kirsi Hyttinen, Anete Krastina.

Keep an eye on our social media for coach updates!



Family friendly hotel

According to the feedback from families who have attended our Beach Camp in Alanya, Club Kastalia is an easy and fun place to have a vacation with kids. The staff is very helpful and warm with kids and seem to genuinely care for the kids' well being. There is a special pool for small kids in the pool area and the resort has a water park  for kids. Hotel rooms have small fridges, hot water is available almost 24/7 and there is a microwave oven at the restaurant to facilitate the food logistics of the families traveling with small kids.  

Baby sitting

We organize baby sitting for kids during the Beach Camp. Baby sitting is available 2h during the morging training sessions so that parents have the freedom to attend their trainings carefree. We charge a small fee for baby sitting and parents are free to agree on additional baby sitting directly with the baby sitting staff. 


Accommodation options

Please note that in order to be able to play and train on the courts of Club Kastalia, you need to have your accommodation booked at the resort. Visitors are welcome for a daily fee (circa 30Eur/day (2019) which entitles free usage of courts, food, drinks, pools & other facilities.

We have a booked Superior rooms from the resort at an attractive group price. Superior rooms are nicely spacious (30m2) and they have enough wardrobes to store the gear of 2-3 persons. All rooms have a spacious balcony or terrace too. 

The resort also offers smaller and slightly lower priced Club-rooms (16m2). We have a group deal for these rooms too but in the past it has been possible to find better deals for this room type in hotel booking sites. So in case you're looking for the most cost effective room, we recommend checking out the booking sites first and compare to our prices! 

For families there are two bedroom family rooms. Family room is an excellent choice when you're traveling with more than one kid. Superior room is perfectly suitable and cost effective if you only travel with one child. 

You will find the prices of different accommodation options here