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Beach Camp prices spring 2024

Training & tournaments

​You can train on as many days as you will.

Price of training sessions and tournaments

  • One 1,5h training session

    • 35 EUR/person in 4-6person training group

    • 30Eur/person in 7-8person training group

  • Gather your own training group & save money!

    • One 1,5h training session for your own group of 4-6 persons 180EUR

    • One 1,5h training session for your own group of 7-8 persons 200EUR

  • Beach Camp tournaments are free of charge for all participants training 5 times or more

  • We will charge a tournament fee of 15 EUR/person from people training less than 5 times, and 30 EUR/person for those who are not participating trainings at all. 

  • One 1h Beach Clinic 27 EUR/person

Please note, that the courts are for Jyrki Nurminen Beach Volley customers only. In case you are not interested in training and have not reserved your room via JNBV, please contact us at in order to acquire Player Pass, price 50Eur.

Accommodation organized by Jyrki Nurminen Beach Volley Oy

Reservation fee

We will charge a reservation fee of 5 EUR/night/person – to the maximum of 45 EUR/person

Note: Reservation fee is not charged from the following:

  • Travel companion not training or playing on the courts reserved byJyrki Nurminen Beach Volley

  • Kids under 18 years


Single rooms

The following are the prices to be paid at the hotel


Single Club-room (16 m2): 73,6 EUR/night/person


Rooms for 2-3 persons

The following are the prices to be paid at the hotel

  • Recommended room type for 2-3 persons Superior-room (30 m2)

    • 54 EUR/night/person in double room

    • 50,4 EUR/night/person in triple room

  • Club-room (16 m2); 46 EUR/night/person
    Please note: Due to smaller room size we only recommend this room type for those participants who are travelling with a friend / companion. 

  • Those seeking for more luxury cand also choose a Swim-up room - a superior room with direct access to pool from the terrace. ​

    • ​65 EUR/night/person in double room

    • 60,7 EUR/night/person in triple room


Swim up room ulkoa.jpg
Swim up room sisältä.jpg
Options for families

The following are the prices to be paid at the hotel.

Please note: Kids <12yrs are free of charge

  • Superior room (30 m2)

    • 1 adult and 1-2 children younger than12y: 108 EUR/night/room

    • 2 adults and 1 child younger than 12y: 108 EUR/night/room

    • 2 adults and 1 child older than 12y: 151,2 EUR/night/room

    • To be noted:​ Best suitable for 3person combos, but can be stretched to 4 persons if needed. Please ask price from

  • Club Family -apartment (30 m2, 2 bedrooms)

    • 149,7 EUR/night/apartment for 3-4 persons in the room of which max 3 persons over 12yrs

    • 172,5 EUR/night/apartment for 4 persons over 12yrs

    • To be noted: Suitable for max 4 persons 

  • Superior Family -apartment (48m2, 2 bedrooms): 

    • 189 EUR/night/apartment for 3-4 persons in the room of which max 3 persons over 12yrs

    • 202,4 EUR/night/apartment for 4 persons over 12yrs

    • To be noted: There is a limited number of this kind of apartments in Club Kastalia. Due to this, we would like to reserve these apartments to families travelling with older kids


Baby sitting

  • 1 child 25 EUR / circa 2h

  • 2 children 30 Eur / circa 2h


Other important issues:

Jyrki Nurminen Beach Camp reserves the right to change the hotel prices as stated above if Club Kastalia alters its pricing. Customers will be promptly informed of any potential price changes, and in the event of price adjustments, customers have the right to cancel their reservations.

The training fee of Jyrki Nurminen Beach Camp, the hotel reservation fee and baby sitting fees will be sold and charged individually with over 24h between each payment. Due to this Jyrki Nurminen Beach Camp or any of its parts do not form Package Travel or Linked Travel Arrangements (as defined 901/2017, Laki matkapalveluyhdistelmistä). Thus the Laki matkapaveluyhdistelmistä (901/2017) or EU Package Travel Directive are not applicable to Jyrki Nurminen Beach Camp or the relationship between Jyrki Nurminen Beach Volley Ltd and its customers.


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