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Ilmoittautuminen Hietsu Beachboxin Beach Campille on päättynyt.

Jälki-ilmoittautumisia otetaan vastaan, mikäli sopivissa ryhmissä on tilaa.

Laita viestiä

Registration for Hietsu Beachbox Beach Camp is closed.
Inquiries for available training spots: 

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Picture by AINOA media, Hanna Molari

Helsinki, Hietsu Beachbox

28. – 30.6.2022


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Train as much as you want to

Training sessions will take place at Hietsu Beachbox, Hiekkarannantie 3, Helsinki Tue 28. - Thu 30.6.2022 at 9:00-16:30.

1,5h training sessions. Max 6 persons per group.

You can choose on which days you want to train and how many times per day you want to train. You can also sign up your own training group of 6 persons. 


Price per training session: 32Eur/person

Top coaches

Jyrki Nurminen will be the head coach of the Beach Camp, taking responsibility of the main guidelines of the training. In practice this means that Jyrki, together with other coaches, will plan the trainings; themes, techniques, drills. Each coach will then make necessary adaptations depending on the level of the training group and its individual participants.

Other coaches in the Beach Camp will be at least Finnis national level players or otherwise acknowledged Beach Volley coaches. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for coach updates! 

Jyrki Nurminen

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As a coach Jyrki is abel to combine three critical characteristics: He's analytical, supportive and always maintains his good humor.


Jyrki's super power is to split tasks into small enough steps that make improving your performance so much easier. 


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History of
Jyrki Nurminen Beach Camp

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