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Courts at Malva-Rosa beach

We have reserved 4 courts for our Beach Camp from the local Beach Volley organization BeachBol, which is operating in total 25 courts at the beautiful beach of Malva-Rosa. In addition, it is possible to reserve more courts for the participants’ own games in the afternoons.


Check out this funny video to see the facilities and environment

Right next to the courts you’ll find one of the best neighborhoods of the city of Valencia, El Cabañal, full of bars and restaurants to try the Spanish cuisine. A bit further down the shore lays the beautiful harbor of Valencia with its vivid nightlife.


Lisätiedot treenit Valencia

We train 24 Oct - 2 Nov, once a day - typically in the mornings. The maximum training group size is 6 persons in order to ensure enough repetition and personal feedback for all participants. We have training groups for participants of all levels; From beginners to professionals.

Training sessions will cover all essentials of Beach Volley from techniques to tactics. Due to feedback from our participants, we have extended the typical 1,5hour training sessions by an extra 15minutes. This extra time will be used to talk a little bit more about theory, to give a little bit more feedback or to guide participants through an efficient warm up - all depending on the level and needs of the training group.  

Lisätiedot biitsiklinikat Valencia

Beach Clinics

In the afternoons you will have the possibility to attend to our Beach Clinics - a concept that was launched in Alanya Beach Camp 2019. 

The idea of Beach Clinics is to select a specific, more narrowly defined Beach Volley technique or tactical issue and clearly focus on it. In terms of beach volley techniques Beach Clinics may cover e.g. hand set, tomahawk defence, pokey defence, dropping off the net, cut shots, floater, jump serves. In terms of tactical issus e.g. techniques for wind conditions, opponent analysis and modifying game tactics.

The schedule & themes of and sign up for Beach Clinics will be published closer to the Beach Camp when we have the actual training schedule in place. Beach Clinics will take place in case min 2 participants of same level sign up. 


Lisätiedot valmentajat Valenci


Jyrki Nurminen is the head coach of the Beach Camp taking responsibility of the main guidelines of the training. In practice this means that Jyrki, together with other coaches, will plan the trainings; themes, techniques, drills. Each coach will then make necessary adaptations depending on the level of the training group and its individual participants.

Quite naturally, Jyrki's playing partner Santeri Sirén will also take main responsibility of coaching at our Beach Camp.

Depending on the number of participants, we will invite additional coaches if needed, all of whom will be at least Finnish national level players. 

Please note:

Since the tournament schedule for fall 2019 is still a bit open there is a chance that  Jyrki & Santeri may have to spent some part of the Beach Camp conquering the competitive arenas of the world.

In the absence of Jyrki and Santeri, Jyrki’s and Santeri’s own coach, Jussi Tommola, will take the lead of the training in Beach Camp.

La Liga futista ja Copa del Rey

Both La Liga and Copa del Rey are in full action during our camp. Valencia has two active football clubs playing in La Liga, with their stadiums within a few kilometers from our Beach Camp.

Why not to spend a night out watching some of the best football on the planet, LIVE?!


Tournament schedule is published in the first week of July.


Useful links:

Valencia CF megastore, ticket sale at the city center

Valencia CF official ticket sales

Levante home page. Ticket office at the stadium.

La Liga
Lisätietoa majoitus Valencia

DIY accommodation

Unlike for our Beach Camp In Alanya, we are unable to offer accommodation in Valencia. Reasons: Firstly, there are no big enough hotels or B&Bs close to the courts. That means we are not able to get group discounts and would thus be just a useless middleman in arranging the accommodation. Secondly, there are a lot of smaller hotels, B&Bs and especially apartments for 2-4persons available in the area. Thus, everybody has free hands to book the accommodation that best suites their needs in an area that feels the best.


Check out at least and Airbnb.

Our courts are located approximately on the border of La Malva-Rosa and El Cabanyal neighbourhoods. Search for "BeachBol" in Google Maps.

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